A 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks MINDSET Masterclass
with Suzanne Mathis McQueen

When I tell you there is a way to understand your hormones differently, in a more integrated and inclusive way than what you were taught or what you figured out on your own, are you interested?

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Chances are, you haven’t learned how to synchronize with the rhythmic sequence and wisdom of your cycle. For generations, we women haven’t been taught how to easily navigate our most remarkable superpower. Instead, we have learned to simply tolerate ourselves and all that goes with being a woman. We live in an underground world, full of unspoken vulnerabilities and feelings of unfairness.

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What You'll Learn:

  • An entirely different and empowering way to understand your hormonal body rhythm.
  • How to stop the negative narrative that says your monthly cycle is confusing, inconsistent, unpredictable, and annoying.
  • How to be comfortable and confident about your ever-changing sex-drive, sometimes wanting to be “all over” your partner and other days wanting to be left alone.
  • Why it is crucial for your happiness and future generations of girls to learn a new body language now!
  • Why, other than the science, almost everything you learned about you, because of your hormones, is a lie. 
  • How mood swings, feeling crazy, and PMS are destructive spins that keep women down.
  • Why loving the power of your womb is the best thing you can do for your sovereignty & political freedom.
  • How to access the lost language of the powerful Feminine buried deep within your design.
  • How to love yourself as a woman without feeling challenged by your hormones.
  • How to recognize obstacles & what tools to use for maintaining balance.
  • How ALL women, cycling or not, can track their rhythm and tap into the power of their Feminine.
  • and lots, lots more…

As women, we live with a secret—an underground existence of stress and sometimes humiliation by being a human with a fluctuating and often confusing body system. Most females don’t feel well on a consistent basis and can’t keep up with how to maintain good health. Most of us were not taught enough, if anything, about how to be in charge of our cycle experiences. On top of it, pregnancy—avoiding it or wanting it—tends to add a heavy layer onto our already overwhelmed psyches.

There is a powerful and logical explanation for all of this! 

As a female, you are dominantly lunar rhythmic. Your body changes slightly each day, with phases just like the moon. It builds energy and loses energy in a predictable pattern in the same way that the moon builds light and loses light each month. When organized into four weeks, you’ll discover that each week also looks like a season, just like we have in nature. The natural rhythms of the moon and sun, along with their characteristics make your hormonal rhythm easier to identify and align with because you already know the patterns and what to expect!

The 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks Approach

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) is an entirely different & positive way to understand & experience your hormones. It’s all about YOU & your journey through your hormonal month, an approximate 28-day body clock. 

>> Comparing the hormones to lunar phases and seasons is not a new concept. 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is much more than this. It is a comprehensive, non-technical formula and daily practice that makes sense of your experiences and puts you in charge, rather than your hormones being in charge of you.

4s4w shows four very distinct energy phases to align with—a  pattern that repeats itself each month. Each energy phase supports a different aspect of your wellbeing and wholeness. There’s no mystery to the sequence. Your womb is a navigational system within, and when aligned with, you’ll begin to glean the wisdom that each phase has to offer—the Lost Language.

Science shows us the rhythmic pattern of the female hormones.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks shows you the relevancy of that science to your daily experiences.

The Masterclass will talk about the science of the hormones, however, the main 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) focus is about how those hormones affect YOU. While biology class will spend time on the “follicular phase,” 4s4w supports you in knowing that this is the time in your cycle month to take action, to have heart-to-heart talks with your loved ones and to go on dates. See the difference?

Visualize waking up each day, naturally recognizing the changes in your energy, viewpoint, & sex drive because you’ve become a pro at knowing what to expect of your monthly hormonal sequence—and are ready with tools for creating balance no matter what challenges come your way.

How does that thought feel?

Empowering? Calming? Like a relief?

Yet, here's the thing:

I can teach you how to tap into the remarkable navigational system within you, the ancient, lunar-rhythmic current that has been moving through you and guiding you all along (with or without your cooperation). That’s easy. I can show you how to track your cycle with the very specific, non-technical 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks method and you will pick on it quickly, or at least grasp its concept in short order.

It is tougher to help you UNDO the negative narrative that runs around in your head about yourself, your female body, and your hormonal cycle experiences.

You know the one, that negative narrative that crops up over and over again—the story that says you’re crazy, or that your hormones are inconvenient. Or it’s the story that makes you the problem in your relationship, or that being a woman is totally unfair, or that you’re a horrible person in general. It’s the story that knocks you down, causing you to feel confused or disheartened right when you thought you had rocked your empowerment.

These thoughts & feelings are not truth and are not your fault.

They feel awful because they are not natural for the powerful Feminine (the truth that runs through you) or for your monthly cycle sequence.

That line of thinking was passed down from generation to generation due to our greatest grandmothers’ loss of power over their wombs at various times throughout history, forcing them to abandon their Feminine wisdom and the ways they cared for their reproductive bodies. Pretty much every emotion you have of feeling mortified, depressed, or embarrassed about being a female is based on a lie. 

You see…

If cultures can disconnect women from their wombs by shaming them about their cycles, their sexuality, and their family planning decisions, it is easy to control, not only females, but the entire population.

Suzanne Mathis McQueen pic

I’m Suzanne Mathis McQueen, author of the book 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. After being a reproductive rights protector for my entire adult life, I have come to see that as long as we are taught to collectively view the hormonal experience:

  • as a problem
  • as something that gets in the way of our lives
  • as something to get away from

As long as we view the womb as something we do not want, something we feel conflicted about, something we are happy to distance ourselves from, we will stay separated from our Feminine power and know-how. 

It will keep us from confidently claiming our reproductive domain and establishing our equality for good.

I see THIS as the missing piece to our personal and gender empowerment.​

In order to have sustainable cultural & political power over our wombs, we must fall in love with our wombs’ power.

And that’s because we can’t protect what we do not love. Other than loving the children that come from our wombs, we haven’t been taught what there is to love about the experience of our wombs.

You ready?

Let's do this. It's time to fall in love with our wombs' power.

"The Lost Language of Your Monthly Hormonal Body Clock" Mindset Masterclass

In this 2+-hour intensive MINDSET workshop, I’ll lead you on a journey, ask you questions to respond to on the worksheet, & share tips you can apply to your life right away. 

We’ll do an overview of the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks method & daily cycle-tracking practice for aligning with one’s lunar rhythmic body clock, and we’ll uncover the mysteries that have kept women confused & conflicted about their monthly hormonal experiences & transform that into confidence and skill.

You'll have your own course dashboard with numerous short videos within one module.

Total Class Time: 2-hrs, 30 min.

The Agenda

The Message ~ The Lost Language ~ Universal & Body Rhythms ~ Queries ~ The Sacred Assignment ~ Our Secret ~ Negative Programming ~ 4s4w Brief Overview ~ Who is 4s4w for? ~ How to Track with 4s4w ~ Sisterhood ~ Going Forward ~ The 13 Muses ~ Your Moon Path

YOU are a Wisdom Keeper of the Lost Language.

The time is NOW for all females to reawaken and access the lost language of the Feminine within! In numbers we can improve our individual lives, change society’s view of females, and change the way our girls and future generations understand their hormones.

It’s time to reverse that negative narrative. It’s time to go from loathing to loving our womb experiences.

It's time to awaken the Lost Language within you.

One-time Payment

Make it doable and pay month-to-month!
$ 97
  • Home Study Course
  • Prerequisite for the 13-Month Course
  • Full refund within 24-hours of purchase if not satisfied.

*The GIRLS ~ PLEASE NOTE: Because of the intensity of the subject matter (please see “Agreement” below) the language used in this Masterclass is designed for adult women and may be too much (or even boring!) for adolescent girls (and will be over-the-heads for most girls younger than that). Yet, all information is important for all females, so it will be up to you to decide whether to share this class with your girl or not. The suggestion would be for you to go through the Masterclass first, and then re-watch with your girl if you feel the material is welcomed and would be received well.

Things to Know

When you register for the class, details and links will be sent to the email you registered with. 

This Masterclass is a stand-alone workshop that you’ll receive crucial information from for your health and wellbeing, and tips that you can use right away. 

You’ll also be offered a way to continue with the work. I’ll be holding a 13-month online course following the Masterclass. Taking the Masterclass is a prerequisite for the course. 

Following the live Masterclass, you’ll receive a link to a course module that contains the Masterclass. 

I encourage you to attend the live event because:

  • There is energy to attending a group event that can’t be found on your own.
  • Watching a replay or finishing it doesn’t always happen even with the best intentions. Attending the live event tends to keep one in her seat until the end.

We will be starting on time in order to respect everyone’s attendance. Please do everything you can to show up about 5 minutes early.

Missing the beginning of a workshop is like missing the beginning of a movie! The beginning sets the foundation for the rest of the class.


Treat this workshop as if it were an in-person workshop. Cancellations received 24-hours before will receive a full refund. 

No refunds will be issued after that. If you can’t attend, no worries, you’ll receive the replay or course module of the event. 

The womb is personal and unfortunately, political. Please read the agreement below to be sure that this workshop is philosophically for you. Thank you!

Do You Hear the Call?

If so...
Your presence is requested.
I would love for you to be a part of this!

>>> What Others Are Saying

“I can’t tell you how many positive changes I am making as a result of your work and how many I believe are yet to come.” – Jessica, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I just wish I had this system 30 years ago! Thank you for all you do and how you do it.” – Tiffany, Eugene, Oregon

“This is one of the most important works for women that I have come across. I use it in my personal life (and with my nine-year-old daughter), in my women’s circles, and mother-daughter circles. I recommend this system to every woman as a way of connecting not only to her body, but to her sacred feminine spirit, as well.” – Amy, Louisville, Kentucky

“I am reading your work and am deeply moved by it. Thank you for the inspiration!” – Cheryl Ann, Tucson, Arizona

“My health has been stellar…I can’t thank you enough for recommending that 4 season book about women’s cycles. I’m honoring each phase and adjusting my food, rest, exercise, and social interactions. It’s been a significant shift!” – doctor referral, Portland, Oregon

“Best book on this subject I have ever read” – Emma, Auckland, NZ

One-time Payment

Make it doable and pay month-to-month!
$ 97
  • Home study course
  • Prerequisite for the 13-Month Course
  • Full refund within 24-hours of purchase if not satisfied

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