A Different Approach to the Hormones

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) helps women find balance, comfort, and power by aligning with four very distinct phases of their natural hormonal rhythms. By understanding that each weekly phase brings a different energy to experience, females globally are remembering and tapping into the primal navigational system within to guide them through these phases with skill and clarity.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is a feminist focused, positive daily practice for making optimal decisions in health, business, and relationships. 4s4w explains that females have a rhythmic sex drive that aligns with desiring a different type of touch at each phase.

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The 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach demonstrates how understanding one’s unique feminine rhythm can result in peak performance in business and athletics, sharpen a woman’s decision-making, and enhance sexual pleasure. When men understand 4s4w, it takes the mystery and the guesswork out when initiating sex or other forms of communication.


What makes the 4s4w approach different than other similar takes on the female cycle?

There are numerous distinctions that make 4s4w unique.

1) McQueen stresses the importance and strengths of every weekly phase throughout the entire month, rather than pointing at just the period or ovulation or PMS, as is the current focus. Following the sequence of the hormonal landscape is where the solutions can be found because each week prepares for the next. Suzanne presents her approach as an easy-to-follow blueprint for understanding one’s own rhythmic nature.

2) While based on the science of the hormones, 4s4w is a daily practice that follows the monthly experience of the woman instead of the commonly told story: fertility and the journey of the egg. While it is crucial that every female understand the sequence of the hormones and the journey of the egg, her daily decisions are based on how her non-technical experiences relate to the science of the hormones.

3)The female cycle blueprint is for cycling and non-cycling women alike, staying with a woman beyond menopause. The observation is that females have these four phases from the time they are born until the time they die, with the energies being less intense during the not-cycling years. The blueprint surfaces during the reproductive years to show its full manifestation.

4) McQueen compares the monthly cycle with the 24-hour circadian rhythm, stating that women have a 28-day body clock, which she has coined the Circamene rhythm. She shows each month as containing 4 weeks with 4 distinct energies in the form of a resting phase, a building phase, an expressing phase, and a deconstructing phase.

5) 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks gets rid of the idea of PMS unless a woman is truly suffering. Instead, the week before the period is called, The Firewalk. This is the important and phenomenal deconstructing phase. When truly recognized for its purpose and gifts, a woman’s sense of balance and core power skyrockets. Knowing how to master this phase with grace and skill makes this formerly “threatening” week a very good thing, rather than a bad one.

6) It’s not new or uncommon to compare the female cycle with the seasons. However, 4s4w shows these seasons differently than other systems or teachings. In 4s4w, Fall is considered the resting, bleeding phase, rather than Winter (as is described in other approaches).

7) This is a system that men totally “get” and are embracing and aligning with. It shows them a way to be successful at supporting the women in their lives, enabling them to co-create the relationships they’ve always desired. For intimate partners, 4s4w takes the mystery and the guesswork out when initiating sex or other forms of communication. It is also effective for helping fathers communicate respectfully with their daughters.

The BOOK: From the beginning, brief overviews of women’s history, global healing, sacred geometry/universal rhythms, and female sexuality prime the reader for a richer appreciation of the four weekly seasons. Using language and images that are clear, comfortable, and positive, this exquisite book sheds light on the true nature of the organic feminine rhythm and allows both women and men to embrace it with grace and ease. 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks features 70 full-color images and color-coded pages for quick referencing to each week.

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