Gather Your Gear

For some of us, it was the BEST 24-hours in politics—possibly EVER.

For others, it was the worst—a nightmare that had come true, and one that they can’t wake up from just yet. I do not take joy in this aspect of it.

The whole thing is not something to gloat OR panic over. Now that the initial shock-and-scramble has passed, things are going to get very serious and very nasty from all directions and none of us will come out innocent or unscathed. We all know that over this next month, collective and individual stress is going to build. It’s fight or flight time and our bodies are feeling the primal instinct of survival.

We don’t really know how things are going to shake out, but there ARE things we can do to not let things escalate to a place that just makes everything worse. It’s important to keep our good hearts and rational minds in tact.

I suggest the following:

Be prepared and protect yourself. Gather your gear now.

I DO NOT mean in the form of arguments to debate, guns, or any other weapons of mass destruction. I mean mental, emotional, and spiritual tools to help you through the rough times and keep you from getting ill.

Inner-Peace Gear:

• Tune into the news less. Pick up a good novel instead.
• Listen to music that you love—a lot.
• Get outside as much as possible and into nature more.
• Play with your friends and family.
• Attend autumn events in your town.
• Discuss politics with like-minded people only, long enough to toss good ideas around or to take action that you know will make a difference, but stop if you begin to feel stressed or feel like you’re getting on a negative roll. Notice it. Train yourself to not allow stress in.
• Rest more. Cook good food.
• Notice what brings you joy and do more of that.

We’ve got a political mess right now. By maintaining peace and compassion in our hearts as individuals, we prepare and strengthen ourselves mentally and emotionally to discuss the collective issues with wisdom—rather than competitiveness. It’s our responsibility to do this work in order to make good decisions for our children’s future.
– Suz <3


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