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What's a Coach?

I see coaching as a roadmap for first creating movement. Once that is accomplished, forward motion becomes the new trajectory and habit for experiencing results.

We all get stuck from time to time. Life gets complicated and confusing because all of us have a lot of things to juggle at once. Survival and walking a clean path is a big job in and of itself. Taking care of our health, personal environment, and relationships require a lot of clarity, structure, and heart. Career decisions, work-related issues, and home life sometimes need direction in order to manifest what we actually desire.

A coach is vastly different from a credentialed therapist. While a therapist can also help people in the ways I’ve described above, they are experts in dealing with the broken bits that each of us have and help to mend and put those back together. As a coach, I am a support system who helps you to identify, resurrect, or define your gifts, values, and dreams. I’m a great teammate for you if you’re not majorly broken but need to sort things out and establish direction and clarity.

How it Works: Coaching tends to have a theme (such as health, career, social skills, or love life) and my job for starters, is to take you from point A to Point B to get you past the current obstacle that is keeping you stuck. Once we’ve created a bit of momentum, you’d then decide whether you’re good to take it from there or whether you’d like to see me to guide and assist you further toward your desired outcome through a set of longer-term appointments. I don’t do pressure sales. My goal with working with you is to support you with the skills you need in order to be independent whenever you feel you’re ready.

Who This is For and What’s Available?

See the boxes below to know more. 🙂

What's a Confidante?

Think of it as a professional conversationalist.

I’m one of these people who can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone and get them to tell me about themselves because I’m actually interested. I’ve found that underneath the surface of small talk at parties, family dinners, or the lunch room there is a genius within each individual that no one really knows about or truly sees.

It might feel pathetic or odd to you to even think about hiring someone to converse with! But consider this: unless you’re lucky enough to have a partner or best friend who knows and respects your gifts and your faults, most of the people we love and care about have no idea what we actually do or feel, and vice versa. They don’t see us shine at work or school or when we are working on our passions or our struggles.

It’s not that our family, friends, or coworkers don’t care about us or we, them. It’s just that we’re all busy doing our best to survive and understand our selves, which is a big enough job. We might like or love a person for the general essence of who they are and still not really know anything about their true gifts. Families tend to box each member into a particular lifetime identification and view that person from that lens. Friends will back you out of loyalty or, conversely, they will constantly advise based on their own worldview, instead of listening to what you’re really saying and why. Sometimes, not meaning to and not knowing they are doing it, they will actually manipulate and shame you for thinking what you’re thinking (or invalidate your thoughts) in order to keep you from getting ahead of where they are at in life. Friends and family are part of the complex cultural and social dynamic of getting ahead that includes messy subtleties such as jealously, competition, love, admiration, and dependence. Everyone is doing the best they can, but a healthy web requires each individual be solidly whole, with a good self-esteem. That comes and goes in all of us. Compassion for ourselves and others is the key here.

Still, every human needs to be heard, seen, and recognized for the light that they are and the contributions they make. It’s a form of nurturing that is vital for not only the health of the individual, but the health of the planet. When we don’t feel heard, we continue to go through life feeling frustrated, stressed, held back, or rebellious, rather than refreshed and free to express and create. When individuals thrive, it spreads into the bigger societal web.

How it Works:

As a Confidante, I’m a “sounding board”. I attentively listen and once in awhile ask questions to help you get to the heart of whatever you’re talking about. I’m here to grasp your challenges and possible solutions and how they fit into the bigger picture of your world, or to really honor and celebrate a success you’re sharing. I don’t have answers because you’re the only one who can make decisions for your life, but I will offer advice or suggestions if you’re looking for perspective. Again, this is a conversation—a natural conversation (not coaching or consulting or fixing) with laughter and seriousness, except for the fact that this is not a two-way exchange. In other words, we won’t be discussing my life. This is all about you.

Appointments are made whenever you want to pop one onto my schedule, or a standing series of appointments may be made. The topic, each time, may be whatever is on your mind, as long as it is respectful and has an intention of 1) bringing clarity or resolution to a situation, 2) shifting toward a more peaceful state-of-mind, 3) getting an opinion from someone else, or, 4) just wanting to chat and share in a generally positive way or working through something you’re upset about. Examples of topics would be: 1) tossing around business or future goals, 2) family, relationship, work, or health concerns, 3) sharing a triumph, 4) discussing movies or music, or, 5) general worldview thoughts.


Within you is a barometer that evaluates whether a situation (conversation, party, work, family—whatever) is ultimately something that helps you or hurts you. If you like who you are when participating, then this is a situation that helps you and supports your light and forward motion in life. If you find yourself frustrated, stressed, regretting, or loathing (yourself or others) after conversing with others, then this is a situation that dims your light and hurts or obstructs your forward motion. This is great information and from there it will be up to you to decide how to proceed, whether it is recognizing that you need to do some self-improvement, or to step away from or avoid those situations.

The purpose of having a conversation with me and the result should be the same: to feel you’ve been heard and also have a general feeling of lightness and relief; that you like yourself after our conversation. This is a feeling to get used to, the place to make all decisions from, every day.

You Don’t Need Me if:

If you already have a person or people in your life, such as a spouse, friend, sibling, or parent who you can go to when you need to be heard and can also trust with your vulnerabilities, concerns, and joys, as well as feel good in the process and also feel better after talking with them. Even though this arrangement is actually rare, this is the ideal situation and one that is a great sign of being in healthy relationships around healthy people. Congratulate yourself and take an appreciative moment to express gratitude for 1) the gift of it, and, 2) your ability to contribute to good relationships!

You DO Need Me If:

Like most people, you don’t have a friend or family member to rely on to share your confidential matters with, or you have found this solution to be dissatisfying for whatever reason. We may be surrounded by family, friends, and co-workers, but there is often no one person who will consistently keep our conversations private, who doesn’t judge as we speak, and can give reasonable, relevant, and objective advice.

This is also a crucial service for professionals with high-powered positions who can’t share their private thoughts with co-workers. I’ve been there—it’s lonely at the top and sometimes you just need to be able to be yourself to vent and to brainstorm life in general.

I’m a natural Confidante and it’s the reason I do this work. I genuinely like and care about people. I’ve had a lot of life experience and can relate to the ups and downs of the human condition. I look for the best in each person because I’ve not found anyone yet who doesn’t want to be the best they can be.

Which One Do You Need?

If you have a particular area that you need to understand better and make progress in (I work in the areas of the female hormones & rhythmic sex drive, personal gifts & purpose, and business), then you need Coaching. If you need to sort things out and converse about whatever is currently happening in your life or spiritual consulting, then you’d make an appointment with me as a Confidante.

Individuals: Women

As the author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, I specialize in the hormonal rhythm of females. I have a book, an 8-week course, a free Facebook group, and an upcoming year-long course, but if you need private coaching, it would be my pleasure to work with you. The 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) method is an easy daily practice that takes each woman through a monthly journey of womb wisdom, a predictable sequence of experiences based on the science of the hormones. When aligned with and mastered over time, everything (health, sex drive, relationships, survival) falls into place and begins to make sense. The result is a more peaceful and powerful state-of-mind with clarity and joy.

Individuals: Men

Because I specialize in the female hormonal experience, I also specialize in the rhythmic sex drive of women. When men understand how this works, an entirely new view of sex emerges, and the secrets of what few of us were taught are revealed. The foundational teachings of these mysteries turn out to be much more basic than erotic, because the basics are where the longterm sexual attraction lives. I help men to be attractive lovers by being attentive partners who feel appreciated. Private coaching focuses on reviewing and improving courting skills, the lifeblood of an affectionate, solid relationship. If you’d love to improve your approach but don’t know how, I’d love to work with you!

couple arm embrace suzannemathismcqueen dot com


Would you like to reignite your love life? Could your partnership use a bit of rejuvenation? Are you passing ships in the night who can’t seem to satisfy what the other wants? Did you at one point, feel like you were truly a great pair but now find yourselves in a constant state of frustration and/or resentment due to having kids, working too much, or other?

If you’re a pair who truly likes one another and doesn’t want your partnership to fall apart; if you’d like to create (or re-create) a wonderful relationship experience, then I suggest trying the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to align with her rhythmic sex drive, something few of us were ever taught to do. This is an empowering method for both parties, designed to create harmony, understanding, fun, and respect.  Read the book first to decide if this is for you, and if you’d like personal coaching, I’m right here and would love to assist in your success. 

Business Owners or Boards

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Could you use a conversation about your life and your needs? Think about booking a session with me. Time allotments are 75 minutes, with no pressure to do more than one session unless we decide to work together for a series of four or more.  One-at-a-time sessions are always an option.


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