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Does your life, your relationship, or your business sometimes feel overly complicated or distressing?

I’ve got easy formulas to guide your visions & desires.


Mystical Mountain

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” – unknown

I help:


Are you needing guidance, support, or someone to fully listen to you, recognize your talents & gifts, and help you make healthy decisions for yourself?  Sessions can be “as needed”, or regularly.

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Are you wanting  to enhance or rekindle your relationship?  I have discovered that when couples align  with the sequence of  the female’s rhythmic sex drive, a whole new world of understanding opens up. 

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 Do you have a clear vision but not a clear path? Maybe feeling you’ve lost control?  I can definitely help you get back on track. Or, I can be your support team by being a confidante. It can get lonely at the helm.

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My Story

I consider myself to be a “formula” girl.   Let me explain…

I “see” problem-solving patterns for systems. Throughout my life I’ve experienced  insights—epiphanies I suppose—sometimes in the form of inventions, but usually as super simple, common sense designs for social applications such as workplaces, projects, and personal growth.

In other words, formulas that work really well for finding sustainable common ground, feeling respected, and functioning in a way that is doable, and makes sense to all involved. 

Over the past 20 years, I developed three methods based on two of these insights—formulas that profoundly changed my life and that of others as well. One of them gave me…

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Do you need someone to sort things out with?

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I’m a Coach & Confidante,

a Speaker & Trainer,

an Author & Entrepreneur.

What is a Confidante?

I specialize in:

The female hormonal
body clock & lunar-rhythmic sex drive.

This game-changer is for females of all ages, couples, & men looking to learn more.

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A method for figuring out your gifts, what you want, and creating boundaries.

I eventually go here with everyone because it applies to everything.

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A powerful, transparent business model for $uccess & staff harmony.

I begin with the owners or final decision-makers only, & go from there.

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My Courses & Other Offerings

2023 is bringing a whole new batch of offerings!

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Learn the basics about the three formulas that Suz (pronouced Sooz) developed, uses herself, and coaches others on in books, courses, and consulting or mentoring. Each is fast to learn and simple to use as an ongoing daily practice without a lot of effort.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks the book suzanne mathis mcqueen dot com

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) identifies the monthly scientific sequence of the female hormones as an approximate 28-day female body clock, serving as an internal navigational system that guides and supports each woman’s life journey when she “remembers” how to tap into the lost language of this sacred cycle. This foundational way of cycle-tracking takes a woman from loathing to loving her womb as she discovers clarity, direction, peace, and her own superpowers.

This book focuses on the female’s experience rather than the egg’s journey each month. 4s4w breaks down the month into four non-technical weeks (or phases), making the sequence, including the female rhythmic sex drive, easier for anyone to understand and align with.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is a feminist-focused, positive daily practice for making optimal decisions in health, business, relationships, & sexuality. Learn more at


I was handed your book late last year by a close friend of mine, quite casually, without any real explanation other than “This changed my life”. It moved around my world with me for a few months before I finally opened it up and read the whole thing in one very long, very inspired day. Then I read it again, highlighting, taking notes, sharing it with my husband. Then I ordered 3 more to gift to my sister, my best friend, my mom.

A.C., Charlottesville, Virginia
Artist, Chef

As featured on:

The Business Shaman

Could your business use some help? Are you struggling to keep it (or you) from falling apart?

The Business Shaman’s simple but powerful three-step model teaches business owners how to achieve a reliable and sustainable bottom line through staff harmony and happiness, and helps solo entrepreneurs how to prioritize and troubleshoot.

By going back to the source of the original project vision, a business can be repaired or the foundation and structure rebuilt without disruption, to make sure all parts of a project are addressed and treated with equal respect. The check & balance process built into the design assures troubleshooting can get straight to the source of all issues.

This 2nd edition “thin-ebook” read is the first in a series and introduces the basics of the formula, with more thin-books to follow to complete the series.

Get Your Kindle Copy Here! $2.99

The Business Shaman book by Suzanne Mathis McQueen

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.” – Sandeep Jauhar

client testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with Suzanne as a life coach. My experiences have been incredible and life changing. Her empathy and willingness to listen and address challenges is amazing. She is curious, compassionate and brave. I know I will find the support and authentic guidance I need with her.
Suzanne’s ability to connect in a way that feels safe and comfortable fosters such a warm and unique relationship, I naturally want o open up and receive. She is a true visionary and I admire her veracious appetite for learning. Her communication skills are stellar. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her. My life is richer for it.
G.M., Portland, Oregon
Behavioral Health Coach & Mindfulness Consultant
Very pleased. After one session I was good to go. I will definitely call again when needed.

J.J., Vancouver, BC
Real Estate Broker
I was in a stuck place: frustrated by the lack of time and energy that I could dedicate to pursuing my goal of being a working artist.  At the time, I could not find a solution to my quandary, either with logic or creative thinking. I needed help! 

I contacted Suzanne and asked her to assist me in getting “unstuck” and to form a cohesive plan in order to accomplish my goals. We worked together for several sessions in which she not only imparted guidance and support, but also gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to move forward.

In these sessions, I shared my dreams while Suzanne shared her gift of clear vision and her ability to problem solve in a unique fashion. We explored possibilities and creative systems that I had not previously encountered. This all propelled me to the place I am now: fulfilling my artistic intentions.

Thank you, Suzanne for your incredible insight… the experience was irreplaceable!”

L.A., Toronto, Ontario
Visual Artist, Designer
Thrilled! I was nervous at first about getting help for my business overwhelm, thinking I’d feel intimidated and embarrassed, but Suzanne was surprisingly easy to talk with (and also funny!). I had so many “a-ha!” moments when working with her and felt so much lighter when finished.

J.D., Los Angeles, CA
Small Business Owner
I had an amazing session with Suzanne. I loved how freely she shared all her hard earned insights on writing and publishing with me, giving me great insider tips that will help me get a significant head start. I had no idea about many of the things covered in the session beforehand so it was beyond helpful. Suzanne was also so kind, professional, and generous and I felt she was genuinely interested in supporting me in my project. I feel really grateful I was able to have this session with Suzanne! Thank you!

M.V., Rhinebeck N.Y.
I call Suzanne when I have a problem or dilemma to work out and need a second opinion or some confidence-boosting. I call her in the way most people would call a sister or mother or friend, but I like the fact that she’s not that—she’s a neutral ear and a voice of reason that I’ve learned I can trust. I feel heard and supported. She seems to innately know how to guide me to a place of making decisions that I feel good about in the long run.

S.M., Monterey, CA
Project Coordinator
Suzanne is a sanity-saver! Her gentle presence, careful and attentive listening, and patient guidance have been instrumental in helping me navigate an ongoing series of midlife calamities. She leads with heart, humor and grace.
Her unique balance of guiding me to the answer when I am in the zone to find it myself and giving me the answer when the darkness is absolutely eclipsing everything else has really resonated with me. Through parental illness and loss, crises of self, parenting troubled teens, career transitions, interpersonal growth and stagnation, and even learning to thrive within my own body, Suzanne’s wisdom, kindness and effervescence have been a steady and constant light.
She has seen me at my most raw, vulnerable and self-loathing moments and always somehow still, sees the lightness in me and brings it to the surface. She knows how to steward the seeker through the tough topics. She guides with love and kindness and a little tough edge when you need it. She is a truth-teller, not a sugar-coater but her authenticity and spirit make even the rough patches that can come through this type of work bearable and rewarding.

S.C., Canoga Park, CA
Administrative Assistant

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