Suzanne is an author, publisher, speaker, spiritual feminist, inspirational leader and writer, workshop facilitator, career entrepreneur, mom, and friend to many.

She specializes in motivating women to tap into, align with, and use four distinct phases of their monthly hormonal cycles (even beyond menopause) to find comfort, balance, and optimal experiences in health, business, relationships, and sexuality.

Through her workshops and book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, she introduces the idea of a 28-day female body clock. Explaining that women don’t have mood swings, but are “lunar rhythmic”, she encourages them to notice the guidance of their “womb wisdom”, a remarkable navigation system within that is easy to follow and super predictable. Suzanne encourages females of all ages to track their month and to eventually make rhythmic decisions based on their consistent and repeating patterns.

Men and couples are listening to her about the importance of following the female’s rhythmic sex drive for co-creating a relationship that honors both partners. Female athletes and fitness coaches are beginning to understand the importance of knowing peak performance times and what tools to bring in for balance during not-peak times for consistency in maintaining good health.

Although McQueen’s work is based on the scientific landscape and basics of the hormones, her work also focuses on the recognition, bigger importance, and sacred geometry of this natural rhythm socially, religiously, and politically.  The social side-effects of being a woman with a cycle, or the invisibility of being a woman who cycles-no-more, leave most women, no matter how empowered, existing in a state of wounded vulnerability beneath the surface, which often leads to an inability to step into their rightful positions of leadership or fullest expressions. Suzanne believes this is the missing piece to women’s empowerment, and inability to maintain the rightful sovereignty of their wombs.

Her work is resonating globally. Her audiences are many: women, men, couples, girls, parents of girls, female athletes, and women in business, as well as healers, coaches, and therapists who work with females.

Since the book came out, Suzanne has been on a continuous radio tour. She loves speaking and interacting with large audiences or intimate groups. She can be found presenting at weekend or weeklong global retreats, conferences, telesummits, festivals, and workshops. Many of her interviews, as well as her Press Kit, can be found at 4s4w.com/media.

She lives in Ashland, Oregon.