A Winter Wonderland Hard to Believe

Today I witnessed pure magic.

The weather opened its arms long enough for me to leave the pirate ship to go to a meeting in town. All good, made it out easily, even thru the icy challenges on my road. I was grateful to see that once I reached the asphalted street, the snow crews had lain crushed rock or salt or sand or whatever it is they put on the road, on this one. It’s a long, steep grade, and I didn’t want to go sliding down it. I continued to be appreciative of this expertise and care shown on every street I encountered along the way.

As I wound my way through the back streets of Ashland toward the coffeehouse that is stationed in a residential area, I marveled at the exquisite beauty, and all at once, felt transported to the pages of a fairytale picture book. The sparkle of the heavy snow on the trees and roof eaves, and the brightness of the light all around, created a winter wonderland that frankly, was hard to believe. I felt both giddy and calm, relieved to witness and experience such medicine from nature, because surely it was that. My cells received a blessing from every flake that landed on my windshield and then wiped clean. Something symbolic there.

I was reminded that after my meeting, I should stop and get groceries as the storm is supposed to get heavier over the next couple of days. Being a little cocky, I decided to also stop after that to get my favorite Vietnamese curry to-go.

When I walked out of the restaurant, I feared I had done one too many errands. The snow was now falling harder and the streets once again, were completely covered. I needed to hustle home, yet take it easy. Turning onto my road, I was happy to see that someone else had driven up just prior, showing that the road was still fine. I stopped and snapped these couple of pics along the way.

Now, all snuggled in with lots of food, and always plenty of work on the computer to do. Maybe I’ll make some hot golden milk and watch a movie.

Blissed out and sincerely thankful.

I’d like to add: Sending warmth to anyone sleeping on the sidewalk, and holding a desire for our collective thinking to make finding a sustainable solution to homelessness a priority.

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